How to Enter & Set Up Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks

Every business, regardless of its size, facilitates growth and top ranks in the competition. So, these businesses tend to use various methods to ease their work, such as using the software. QuickBooks is one of those prime accounting software and offers payroll services with Payroll service. And, if you are a QuickBooks Payroll Software user, it is necessary for you to know about QuickBooks Payroll Service Key to know how to enter or edit it.

Payroll services come with the QuickBooks payroll version. When a user purchases it, they are provided with a 16-digit code or Payroll Service Key. The payroll service key is linked with the EIN and payroll service.

Here in this article, we will be talking about how to enter or edit the Payroll Service Key. Along with that, we will talk about its limitations and certain things related to the topic.

Procedure to Enter Payroll Service Key/ Disk Delivery Key in QuickBooks

We will take you through a detailed process of entering or editing the QuickBooks Payroll Service key.

Step 1: Get Service Key

It is vital to obtain the payroll service before anything else. The service key is received through the mail. If the user does not have one, they can use the automated Service Key Retriever Tool. It will be required to sign in through your Intuit account.

Note: Under certain circumstances, the automated tool might not be able to work.

  • Receive your Payroll Service Key through email.
  • If you were unable to retrieve it through email, try using Intuit’s Automated Service Key Retriever Tool. However, the tool may fail to work due to these reasons-
  1. Multiple Payrolls present in the company’s system.
  2. Retail purchased Payroll Product.
  3. Business phone number not matching the intuit file.

Step 2: Enter Service Key

  • Open QuickBooks Service Keys window.
  • Go to Employees and select My Payroll Service in the company file.
  • If the user has the Payroll setup, then select Manage Payroll Service. If not, then select Add Payroll Service.

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Step 3: Add the Service Key

  • If the user does not have Payroll service, then go to Employees>>Payroll>>Enter Payroll Service Key.
  • Next, if the user does not use Disk Delivery Service, select Edit if the payroll service is there. If the payroll service is not there, then select Add.
  • In the service key window, select Edit if you are a disk delivery service user. Don’t forget to note down the service key.
  • After that, go to Service Key and then go on to enter or edit the payroll service key.
  • Select Next>>Finish.
  • When you get the update message from payroll, click OK and verify the status of Payroll Service, whether it is Active or not.
  • To confirm all changes click OK and then close window.

Limitations of QuickBooks Payroll Service

  • You can only take one payroll subscription for all your companies.
  • And, you can use and access the QuickBooks with the help of registered desktop only.
  • If you pay to your employee using Direct Deposit, then you will be able to make multiple company account with a single Payroll subscription.
  • Make sure the payroll administrator and the contact details of the QuickBooks Payroll subscription are the same for every company.
  • Using the same EIN to work on the multiple files will produce an error which states QuickBooks Desktop Payroll support single data file with a unique EIN.

Update Existing Payroll Subscription With Another EIN

  • Go to Employees, then click on the Payroll option.
  • Then, click on My Existing Payroll Service.
  • Click on Add EIN  placed in the Account Maintenance tab.
  • After that, click on Add to the Subscription button.
  • When you are done with these steps, you have to fill your Business Name and the EIN and then click on Next.
  • Then a Review Information window gets appeared.
  • And then click on next to add Company EIN which is free of cost.
  • QuickBooks will provide you a new Service key.
  • After doing that, you have to open a new company file where this Service key has to be added.
  • Click on Employees and go to my payroll service.
  • Press on Manage Service keys, and select add.
  • Finally, fill the New Service key and click on next.

In this blog, we have discussed the Payroll Service key in QuickBooks and other aspects related to this topic. I hope all the queries related to this topic have been cleared. If not, kindly contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisors team panel which is always ready to help their customers.

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