Privacy Policy

Thanks for being a part of EnterpriseThought, we are happy to know that you are satisfied with the service provided by us. We have some terms & conditions, and also have a privacy policy, which helps the company to run on the right track with some rules, and regulations. The visitors and the customers should know the privacy and policy to get the proper privacy details. Like what kind of information we keep, why we collect these details, and how we use it in our work.     

Where we need to keep personal information 

Normally our services need not require any kind of registration to connect with us. We allow every visitor to visit the site directly without entering any personal details. But in some of the services, you may be required to provide your personal details to us. During that time, if you will ignore to put your personal details then you will not be able to get the service that you want from us. And also not be able to get the response to your query from us.  

How secure is your personal information with us   

Enterprisethought crosses through a strong security process to keep all the information secret. All the details are kept on our server by the administrator and the technical team members. Each technical team members have their own username and password, so it is his/her responsibility to keep the data safe in a high priority. There are some specific team members, who can access your data.    

We run the regular malware scanning process to protect our site, and user’s information from malicious attacks. Our main priority is to secure all the information (provided by us), so we use encrypted protection by using the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer). 

We examine the users that, what exactly he/she wants from us. And we try to fill out the demand of visitors by using their details. This makes us easy to connect with them.  

What do we do with your information?

Mostly we keep your information during the registration time in any service, at the purchase time. And we keep these types of information for the official record. Apart from that, we keep the details that you provide us to maintain the service flow better and to process transactions easily. We find it easy to provide emails regarding the products and services.    

Changes in Policy

We have not changed our privacy policy yet, but in the future, if it will be required to change the privacy policy then we will inform you. You can get the notification at the right time. 

There are fewer chances to have the security issue with us. Still, if in case you encountered any kind of inquiry against our privacy policy then feel free to contact our service provider team members, and share your problem with them. We will give our best to recover your loss. 

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