Terms & Conditions

Welcome to EnterpriseThought, we are very pleased to have you. And we feel proud that you are our clients, and you have chosen us to serve you with accounting services, and offers related to accounting. We have some terms and conditions for all clients and visitors, there is a request to all to read the entire terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applied for them, those who want to get service from us. It is a kind of little agreement between the clients and us. Read the following terms & conditions, and accept all, so that we can go through a particular way for the service.

Terms of Use

EnterpriseThought.com has some criteria to serve its service. To get access to our platform you need to follow the below points:

  • You are a mature person of 18 years old or more than that.
  • You need to put the original information, whenever it will be needed.
  • Must agree with all the terms and conditions before purchasing any service from us. 


This condition describes our terms of use for accounting products, and services that are included on our website updates, references, content, new releases, and more.  


All types of payment will be charged in US dollars, and the amount shall be debited immediately once you purchase any product or subscribe to any service. It is specified in the payment T&C. 

We only accept the following way for the payment process:

  • Paypal account
  • Debit card, credit card  

The must-have sufficient fund balance for debits. Entering improper details can create problems for both, so cross-check after putting any kind of details, and inform us, if there is any mistake in the detail.

Our Accounting Services     

EnterpriseThought provides all kinds of accounting services including payroll, inventory management service, bookkeeping, taxation service, and etc, that support any kind of business, and entrepreneurs.     

Availability of Product

All accounting products are available on our site, especially all QuickBooks products. Till now, we have not to face the situation of, out of stock. But if in case, due to high demand of customers, the products are not available in our stock then we will inform you immediately and will try to get back the product in our stock as soon as possible. The customers are allowed to exchange any kind of product within 30 days. 

EnterpriseThought is not responsible for any kind of graphic issue of the product.     

Liability Disclaimer

The maximum liability will be limited to purchase the price of the product. And EnterpriseThought is not responsible for any kind of delay service, any other damage to the customer. 

Third-Party Service

EnterpriseThought is not liable for any kind of service, links that exist on the site, content, image, but recognized by other third-party sites. If anyone wants to know about for the third-party source, or link then he/she need to contact the admin of the site. If anyone wants to access the third-party resource then EnterpriseThought will not liable in any way. We request to all the visitors, and customers to follow the privacy policy of any link, before using any kind of service.


Every state has its own laws. We follow the state sales tax rule for any kind of order and shipment. You can directly connect with us for any kind of query related to the tax, and shipment. 

Complete Agreement

It is a clear contract between customers and EnterpriseThought. These terms and conditions will help both to do a good deal without any disturbance.   

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