Money Tips For Business Owners Looking For An Italian Investor Visa

If you plan to set up a business overseas, Italy is the best destination. Besides a lucrative market and easy regulations, it boasts a smooth entry with the investor visa. But it is imperative to worry about the money part because an investor visa is about hefty investment. Thankfully, things are not as challenging as you imagine when it comes to the Italian investor visa. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about the investment implications of this immigration option. Here are a few money tips for business owners looking to land and launch their venture in Italy with an investor visa.

Know the investment alternatives

The first thing you need to know is the amount of money to qualify for the investor visa. Bringing a massive sum to buy a residency and launch your business in Italy sounds daunting. But you will be surprised to know that you can start with thousands instead of millions. Funding of €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup is enough to qualify. You may explore other options depending on your financial capacity. These include €500,000 in funding for an established company, €1 million as a welfare project donation, and €2 million worth of government bonds.

Get a bank statement as proof of funds

When it comes to money tips to obtain the Italian investor visa, you need not bring the funds right away. In fact, you are not required to deposit anything during the application process. But you must put them in the bank and get a bank statement as proof of valid funds for investment. You will have to submit it with the nulla osta application. Essentially, it is a certificate of no impediment you must get to go ahead with the consulate application for the investor visa.

Bring the money to Italy on landing

Once you get your investor visa, you must get your funds in place. You will require them after landing in Italy and getting your residence permit. At this stage, you have to provide the committed investment within three months. The clock starts ticking from the day you obtain your residence permit, so be sure to bring the funds on time. You should also arrange the money for launching your business in the country.

Retain your investment for the long haul

A residence permit is a great opportunity as it lets you set up your venture in Italy and expand it across the EU. Since you can fly visa-free to these countries, it is easy to extend your outreach to new markets and grow your customer base. You will probably want to stay in Italy for good after establishing a business here. Be ready to retain your investment for the long haul to qualify for citizenship by naturalization. You only need to complete the legal formalities for the process after completing a decade in the country.

An immigration expert is the best person to guide you on the money matters relating to the Italian investor visa. Collaborate with a professional from the start, and make the journey hassle-free.

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