How to Solve PDF and Printing Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks, being an ideal accounting software, provides all of its services in the most user-friendly way. One of the most promising programs of QB is its Bookkeeping program, often used for sending and printing a PDF. However, the software’s essential nature is technology. Hence, it faces errors or bugs. So, when using the software, the users come across the QuickBooks PDF and print error.

When printing a PDF, checks, or invoices, the users run into the problem. There can be many reasons due to which you might be facing the issue. But, being a general error, it can be solved. For that purpose, we have gathered all the necessary information for you to get a better understanding. We will begin with what are the factors that cause the error in the first place.

Why you Face PDF and Print Error in QuickBooks

There are numerous possibilities for the PDF and print errors to take place in the QuickBooks Desktop. Following is the list of those causes.

  • The absent PDF record part.
  • The status of the PDF converter is being demonstrated disconnected.
  • The process of installing the QuickBooks PDF converter is not finished.
  • The framework of QuickBooks Desktop can’t build up an association with the printer.
  • The printer is not programming effectively.
  • The Print Driver Host is not working properly.
  • QuickBooks Software has not been updated.
  • Absence of an arranged network.

Points to Keep In Mind Before Trying any Method

Before you begin with the application of the solutions, it is important to keep a note of the following factors as they might be responsible for the problems you are facing.

  • Verify if the printer is properly turned on or not.
  • Try to restart your system. Sometimes doing the same can fix the issue.
  • Along with the printer error dialogue box will be Windows Error, as well as, QuickBooks Error dialogue box appearing on your screen.

How To Fix QuickBooks PDF and Print Error

There are many solutions available to solve the QuickBooks PDF and print error. The choice of method should solely depend upon your requirements. Also, for the desired results, do follow all the steps in the exact manner.

Method 1: Run the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

Before start troubleshooting, it is important or necessary to update your QuickBooks software to its latest version.

  • First, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and save the file where it is easy to access.
  • Open the file once the download is complete.
  • For the installation, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once you are done with the install, open the QB Tool Hub and go to Program Problems.
  • Next, select and run the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool. (This might take a minute or a few.)
  • Finally, when it is over, try to print or save a PDF file and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Method 2: Reset Temp Folder Permission

Try to restart your computer and then try again. If it still fails to reset your temp folder permissions, check the folder permission of the temp folder by following the given steps:

Step 1:

  • First, press the Windows + R keys to open the Run command.
  • Now type %TEMP% and press the enter button.
  • Right-click on an empty area of the Temp window and select the Properties.
  • Next, click on the Security tab.
  • Now, check if the usernames or groups displayed on the Security tab have complete control or not. If they don’t have the control, then permit them.
  • Finally, try saving a PDF file again within your QuickBooks.

Step 2: Confirm if you can print to your XPS (only for email and save as pdf issues).

  • Open Notepad and try to type anything on it
  • Now go to the File option in the menu and click on the Print option.
  • Select the XPS document writer and select the printer.
  • Go to the Save option and see if you can view the XPS document.

Method 3: Rename Or Delete The Printer Files

You can also try to resolve this issue by deleting the damaged files and creating new ones.

  • Looks for the file and find them.
  • Instead of deleting those files, you can also rename them like”qbprint.old and wpr.old”.
  • Run QuickBooks and open the Company file.
  • Choose the file and then the Printer setup.
  • Choose any of the transactions present in the Form name and click on the Ok button.
  • Use the above steps to reset the printer setting in the software.

Method 4: Reinstall and Adjust Permission For Document XPS Writer

Step 1: Test the XPS Document writer by printing the XPS document outside QuickBooks software

  • Go to the File menu and then click on the Print option
  • In the Print window select “Microsoft XPS document writer” from the printers list and then click on the Print button
  • Now save the “XPS file” on your system
  • Open the file.
  • If the file is not open and an error occurs while opening the file or the file does not display properly, then the XPS document writer will need to be reinstalled

Step 2: Adjust all the user’s permissions for the XPS document writer

  • First of all, log in as admin to change the permission
  • Open the Printers control panel
  • Right-click on the XPS document writer option and choose the Printer properties for Windows 8 and Windows Vista
  • Click on the Security option and select the everyone user group
  • Everyone not shown in the group.
  • Click on Add Button and fill everyone in the field
  • Select the names and click on the Ok button
  • Go to the Allow column and then click on the Print button
  • Now open the file explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool
  • Select > Printers folder > properties > security > edit
  • Click on Add and type Local service and then press the Enter button
  • Before clicking on the OK button ensure that local service has full control
  • Now open the QuickBooks app and try to create a file

Step 3: Edit the security software settings

Check the security software like antivirus, Windows Defender, firewall, etc to ensure that the XPS files are not blocked in them.

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Step 4: Make a new template for your form

  • Click on the creating new templates option to create a new template for your form.
  • Change the template on your transactions.
  • Then create a pdf file.

Method 5: Additional Solutions for the Error

PDF File Solution :

Often printing problems arise from problems with the PDF file. Although a PDF may look nice on the screen, it may contain incomplete or corrupted data.

  1. Try the “Print as Image” option

If you are in a hurry and want to print a simple document (such as a letter or form), use the “Print as Image” option. Click the Advanced button in the Print dialog box to find this option. (In Windows 7, the Advanced button is at the bottom of the dialog box.) Follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Copy or download the PDF directly to your hard drive

Sometimes the PDF file is corrupted or contains corrupt data. If you have downloaded a PDF from the web or received it in an email, please download the PDF again or ask the sender to return it. Copy the file directly to your hard drive instead of the thumb (portable) or network drive.

  1. Open a new copy on your hard drive and print it again.

Make a PDF copy using the save as command In Reader, select File> Save and rename the PDF file. Only include letters and numbers in the file name. Do not include symbols such as%, $, or []. Try printing a new copy of the PDF.

  1. Rebuild the PDF file

If you have an original source file created from PDF, recreate the PDF.

  • Open the file in a local program (such as a word processing or page layout program).
  • Select File> Print, and then select the option to save the file as a PDF.
  • Open a new PDF and try to print again.

Printing Solutions :

Try printing this troubleshooting page. If you do not, follow these steps to check your connection to the printer:

  • Make sure the cable that connects your printer to your computer is securely plugged in.
  • If your printer is plugged into a USB hub, remove the printer cable from the hub. Then, plug the printer cable directly into the USB port on your computer.
  • Turn off your printer. Wait 30 seconds, then restart it.
  • Try reprinting the PDF.

Are you using the latest printer driver?

Make sure you have the latest printer driver (the program that controls your printer) updated. Printer manufacturers provide updated drivers to improve compatibility with newer software, such as Reader and newer versions.

Find your printer model number.

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and browse or search for “drivers” or “printer drivers”.
  • Find the right driver for your model number.
  • Download and install the printer driver according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Restart your computer.

As common as the QuickBooks PDF and print error is, it is important to get rid of the issue as quickly as possible as it may interfere with the smooth workflow. With the given information, we hope you were able to do so. But, if you were not successful or had trouble while solving the matter, you can contact our team of experts on our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904. They will be happy to guide you through it all. Also, you can get in touch for any queries regarding QuickBooks.

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