How to Get QuickBooks Online Company ID

Being an ideal accounting software, QuickBooks consists of many users. Those users store a great amount of data. So, when a user creates their QuickBooks Online account, they are provided with a customized company ID. This is to find them easily and recover their data. Your Company ID may include the name of your firm, numbers or letters, or an abbreviation. The QuickBooks Online Company ID helps you access your QuickBooks Online account with ease.

It is possible for a user to have multiple company files. This means that they have different Intuit accounts or they have been using various company files under the same name. So, when they try to sync with the Cloud Cart Connector, it is likely that they may sync with the wrong file. This makes having the right company ID and password an important factor. The unique identification helps to match the user’s login to their company.

Finding QuickBooks Online Company ID

Method 1 – Manually Finding The QuickBooks Online Company ID

  • First, log in to your QuickBooks account.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, click on the Setting option.
  • A popup window will appear.
  • Click on the Accounts and Settings option.
  • One more window will appear.
  • Next, click on the Billing and Subscription option.
  • Here you will get your QuickBooks Online Company ID.

Method 2: Use Keyboard Shorcuts

For Windows Users

Use keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

  • First, visit the QuickBooks Online official sign-in page.
  • And enter your user id and password to login into your account.
  • Then pess Ctrl + Option + ? button.
  • After that, a window will pop up with Company ID like- your Company ID is 12345**********.

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Fetch Company ID in QuickBooks Online

To get records from intuit.quickbooks.getRecordById() the supported modules in your QuickBooks account, by specifying the unique ID of the record.


<quickbooksResponse>=intuit.quickbooks.getRecordById(<quickbooksConnectionName>, <quickbooksModuleName>,<quickbooksCompanyId> , <recordId>);


It holds the details of the fetched record


Generally, refer to the connection name used to connect Zoho Creator with QuickBooks. Therefore, create a new connection from the Setup – Connections page option such as


However, refers to the module name from where the record is fetched.


Also refers to the unique ID generated by QuickBooks for each account. Hence, you can find this under the Your Company option.


The ID of QuickBooks is also based on which the record related to the ID is fetched?

Why Keep Company Information

It is important to attain the company information as this affects the information of the contact that shows up on the sales receipts, invoices, and the estimates sent by the user to the customers. So, if the user does not complete the setup, they will most certainly face the issue. For instance, if the user sends an invoice to their customer and expects a mail to verify but the user has not set the contact information in the company settings, then the mailing address will not include all the necessary information. Due to this, the customers will not know where to send the payment. This will cause a delay in the payment process and the workflow.

Hope with the provided information you were able to handle the situation. However, if you still facing any difficulty or have any doubt, you can get in touch with our customer support and ProAdvisors. They will guide you through everything. Additionally, you can also contact us for any query related to QuickBooks.

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