Fix QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 (The Company File Update Issue)

QuickBooks Error 6123 is a common error that the user may face while opening QuickBooks in a multi-user mode. The main reason behind QuickBooks Error 6123 is that there is a connection lost. There are 3 scenarios in which the users face this error. These 3 scenarios are as follows:

  • First of all, while updating the company file.
  • While restoring a company file from a secondary storage device.
  • Or you are saving the backup again on a system.
QuickBooks error 6123, 0
QuickBooks error 6123, 0 Message

If you are facing this error then don’t be panic, it’s a common error and you can solve this error by running QuickBooks File Doctor on your system. Or, you can simply call your QuickBooks Support phone number to resolve this error or for any other technical error through our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

What Leads 6123, 0 Error Code in QuickBooks

  1. You are opening a company file on an older version of QuickBooks.
  2. Opening a company file with a distributed network connection from the host server.
  3. Any misbehavior is done by a user with their company file.
  4. The installation of anti-virus in a system also interacts with QuickBooks Application.
  5. Block Web Bugs filter in the McAfee antivirus.
  6. Malware or virus attack has infected the QuickBooks.
  7. Damaged QuickBooks Company data file.
  8. Multiple instances of the QuickBooks database service are running at the same time.
  9. Corrupted Windows.
  10. Host Computer connected with a Corrupted network.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123

If you want to fix QuickBooks Error 6123, then you have to implement these steps such as

Condition 1: While Upgrading Your Company File

Solution 1: Delete Special Characters From File Name

  • Verify that the company file name should be 30 characters or less than it.
  • Make sure that the company file name doesn’t have any special characters or spaces.

Solution 2: Run Quick Fix My Program

  • Firstly, you should close the QB.
  • Then download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file.
  • Save the company file where you can easily find it.
  • After that, try to open the downloaded file.
  • Now, follow all the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to install the tool hub.
  • When the installation finishes, then double-click on the QuickBooks tool hub icon to open it.
  • From the tool hub, click on the Program Problems option.
  • Now, choose QuickFix for my Program.
Quick Fix My Program
Quick Fix My Program
  • Usually, it will take about 1 minute to run.
  • If you have several installed versions of QuickBooks, then it can take a longer time.
  • You should wait until the progress bar is completed.
  • When QuickFix my Program is over, now open QB.

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor tool is specially designed to fix issues and very useful when we need to detect the presence of damaged, corrupted files or folders on our device.

  • Download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Search for QB Company File.
  • Select Check File Damage Only and then choose Diagnose File.
  • Type Admin Password and click OK.
  • For the existing version, select Repair File. Whereas, for the newer version, select Open File.
  • Keep following the remaining steps popping on the screen.
  • After you are done with the steps, reboot/restart your computer just once.

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Condition 2: While Restoring the Company File

Solution 1: Erase the Special Characters From File Name

If you are facing the error code while restoring the company file in QuickBooks then erase all of the special characters.

Solution 2: Backup Your Company File

  • Transfer the backup file to your local hard drive.
  • From the File menu, select Open or Restore file.
Open or restore company file in QuickBooks
  • Click on Restore a backup copy and then select Local Backup.
  • Then find the backup company file on your system.
  • Next, choose a folder to save the backup file and open it.
  • When you’re ready, save it.

Solution 3: Restoring The Backup On The New System

  • Firstly, open a QB Desktop on the same system on which you want to create a backup.
  • Open your original organization document, not the backup.
  • Then create a portable copy of your company file.
  • Now open QuickBooks Desktop on the new system.
  • Again store your company file with the help of a portable copy instead of the backup.

Solution 4: Rename .ND Along With .TLG File

  • Open company file in the stored file.
  • Select the .ND file associated with the company.
  • After that, select the company file, then select Rename.
  • Then rename the .ND file .ND.OLD, similarly rename the .TLG file to .TLG.OLD.
  • Lastly, open the company file in QuickBooks.

Final Note

QuickBooks error 6123 is a common error that you may encounter while opening the company file in a multi-user mode. Connection loss is the major reason behind the occurrence of this error. It usually occurs while upgrading your company file, restoring the company file, or backup on a new system. By following the above steps, you can overcome this error without any difficulty. But, if you are still facing QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 or any other issue regarding QuickBooks, then contact our toll-free  QuickBooks Error support phone number +1-850-203-4458. Our team of experts will be ready to provide you their services and save your precious time.

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