Solve QuickBooks Error 6000 83 (Restore, Backup Company File Issue)

QuickBooks company file is the most important part of QuickBooks, which records all the accounting or business data in one place. So normally users create a backup of the company file to keep all the data safe. But sometimes we face backup company file issues in QuickBooks like QuickBooks error 6000 83.

QuickBooks error 6000, 83 message
QuickBooks error 6000, 83 Message

This error occurs, when the user attempts to backup, open, or restores company files. While working with QB, the error warning appears on the screen containing a message the following way:

Despite this, you do not have to worry as the error is common and has a solution. In this article, we will be giving all necessary details covering the subject along with the solutions according to your requirements, beginning with the causes.

Reasons, That Leads QuickBooks Error 6000 83

The problem may occur due to various reasons. Below is a cumulated list to help you figure out the possibilities.

  • A corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  • The error can also occur if you use a non- Canadian or a non-U.S. version of Windows. Also, if your language is set something else instead of English in Regional Language Settings.
  • The access to a network server, Windows admin, or QBDataServiceUserXX is insufficient.
  • Enabled hosting on both the servers and at least 1 workstation, which is incorrect, instead of only the server (correct).
  • The possibility of file extensions in .qbm or .qbw.adr format.
  • Any damaged Company File (.qbw).
  • Multiple systems attempt hosting QB Company File.
  • If the QB Company file or the shared folder is damaged or corrupted.
  • The attempt to convert an earlier version of the QB Company File over a network.
  • The file extension is not correct.

Problems, Occurs After Finding the Error Code

Below is a list of just some of the symptoms that can lead to QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 83. This will help you to recognize the error before it becomes severe.

  • QB error 6000, 83 appears on the screen and crashes the program window.
  • When you open your company files and get the message QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83 on your screen.
  • When the system slowly works, Windows runs slowly and responds slowly to the mouse or keyboard.
  • The computer freezes now and again.
  • The system stops responding and the black screen appears.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 83

There are various solutions for you to follow depending upon your need. For maximum results, first, analyze the problem that you are having and then select the solution.

Here is a list of situations followed by their step-by-step elaborated solutions.

  • The error occurred while creating a backup of a company file.
  • The error occurred while restoring my company file.
  • Storing company files on a Windows, or Linux server.

Scenario 1: Problem While Creating a Backup of Company File

If you are facing a problem at the time of creating a backup company file then you need to follow the below-given procedure. But before that, you must check that, where the company file is stored. If your company file is stored on a server then, move it into the local drive.

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop from the server computer 
  • Go to the File menu and select Quit QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the  Windows Start menu.
  • Type File Explorer into the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Now open My Computer in your system.
  • Open your C: drive.
  • Create a new folder and give a simple name, like “QB Test Folder.”
  • Follow the steps to create a backup company file. Save it to the folder you just created on your C: drive.
  • Follow the steps to restore your company file using the new backup.

If still the error is running on your system then, use your backup as the main company file.

Scenario 2: Problem While Restoring Company File

If the problem is occurring during the restoring of the company file then you can follow the below procedures:

Solution 1: Correct the Backup File Name

Make sure there aren’t symbols, special characters, or spaces in your backup company filename or the folder holding it. For example, $small-business.qbb is incorrect and needs to be altered.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Type File Explorer into the search bar and hit enter.
  • Locate and open the folder with your company file backup.
  • Right-click the file with .qbb at the end as an extension and select Rename. This is your backup company file (also known as a QBB file).
  • Remove any special characters, symbols, or spaces from the filename.
  • Now, restore your company file.

Solution 2: Restore From a Portable Company File

If you can’t restore your QB backup file, go back and open the company file you created the backup from.

Solution 3: Restore From Your Local Hard Drive

If the backup company file currently exists on your server, move it to a local hard drive, the local hard drive is usually your C: drive. Then, follow the steps to restore your company file. After you fix the error, you can move your company file back to your server. Just restore your company files from your local hard drive.


  • If your backup company file exists on a network, you can open it from either a mapped path or a UNC path. Start with the path you’re currently set up for, if that doesn’t work, use the other path.
  • Check if the error still persists. If not, your QuickBooks is good to go. Don’t use your old company file anymore. If you still see Error 6000, 83, go to the section where you stored your company files.

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Scenario 3: Problem While Keep Company File in Windows Server

Here we have given 4 solutions to the given situation, check all the solutions, and see which one can fix the problem:

Solution 1: Turn Off Hosting On Your Workstations

Hosting your company files over a network, and the Host Multi-User Access option is not off on your workstations, it can create issues. The server computer should be the only one hosting. So, make sure workstations don’t have that right. To do so follow the steps shown below.

  • Open QuickBooks on any one of your workstations. But, don’t open your company file. 
  • Select the File menu and open Utilities.
  • Look for the “Host Multi-User Access” option, but, don’t select it. Move to the next workstation as this one is not causing the problem.
Host multi-user access
Host Multi-user access
  • In case you locate Stop Hosting Multi-User Access as an option, select it. 
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
  • Check every workstation and follow the same steps.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Download this software QuickBooks file doctor, this is the best software for fix the QuickBooks 6000 83. Depending on the size of your company file when used to remove this Error, the process may take a little while.

Solution 3: Restore From A Backup

If you have created a backup earlier or you have it either way use it to restore your company file. In case you don’t have one, continue on to Solution 4.

Solution 4: Manually Solve the 6000 83 Issue

  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • Modify the settings of your firewall software so that QuickBooks files can be easily accessed over the internet without any issue related to firewalls.
  • Now Edit the permissions if needed so as to be able to easily share the company files
  • Verify the hosting mode on the server computer with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Make sure another PC’s hosting should be off on your network.
  • On the Server under the Task Manager ensure that QBDBMgrN.exe is present in the list. Also, check if the value in the user name column in the QBDBNgrn.exe row is correct.
  • Open the QB company file on the server. Open the QB Desktop and then open the company file that is copied on your desktop.
  • If the error is still not resolved then probably the company file is damaged. You can fix this by restoring the backup of the company file by using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool to get back the data or by sending the file to Intuit’s data recovery system.
  • If no error comes in opening the company files then you have to copy the company files back to their original location. And before you copy back the files from the desktop they need to be renamed in the original location. Ensure that you haven’t pasted over the company file in the original location.
  • After this, you have to open QuickBooks and then open the company file to check if the error still appears.

And if you are a user of Linux server then have a look to the below or the situation 4.

Situation 4: Problem While Keep Company File in Linux Server

Follow the steps only if you’re familiar with Linux networks otherwise take the help of experts. Before starting, make sure you have the permission rights to make changes to the server. 

Step 1: Configure Your Linux Server

  • Open Linux Database Server Manager on your server.
  • Follow the steps to configure the Database Server Manager and the directory in the Initord.conf file.
  • Restart QuickBooks Enterprise on your server.

Try to open the company file if it opens. You are good to go otherwise try to configure the host file.

Step 2: Configure Your Host File

First, ping your server to get your server name and IP address:

  • Select the Windows button on any one of your network systems.
  • Type “CMD” into the search bar and open Command.
  • Type “Ping[Name of your Linux server]” in the window and hit Enter.
  • Write down the server name and the IP address.

Next, we have to edit the host files. Make sure all the computers connected to your server have the correct IP address and Linux server name. Start with the computer where you see Error -6000,-83.

  • Shut down the QuickBooks application on all of the computers connected to your network.
  • Go to the File menu and select Quit QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Type “File Explorer” into the search and open File Explorer.
  • Open my computer in your system.
  • Open your C: drive and select the Windows folder.
  • Find the System32 folder. Open the Drivers folder and then the ETC folder.
  • Right-click the file called C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Open it with a notepad by right-clicking on it.
  • Go to the bottom of the file. Append(add) the Linux server IP address to the end of the text.
  • Then press the Tab key and add your Linux server name. Note: Linux systems files are case-sensitive. Make sure you enter names with the correct case.
  • Select File and then Save.
  • Then close Notepad and see if everything is fixed.

At last, we ensure that you can get rid of the QuickBooks error code 6000, 83 by following the above solutions. Here you just only choose the right situation according to you, and the right solution according to the scenario. This error is not a huge problem so don’t get panic if you finding this type of error message in QuickBooks. In case, if you need help to troubleshoot the backup error then you can easily contact our technical team members for the QuickBooks support to get an instant response.

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