Fix QuickBooks Error 404 (Webpage Is Not On the Server)

Quickbooks accounting software is the best software for small businesses with the best up-gradation system, there are always some errors that occur during the procedure of things. Quickbooks error 404 occurs randomly while you are working. This error mainly occurs when QB has an incomplete update or it is not able to sync with Intuit servers. To receive, send or download the information for internal service requests from within QuickBooks to fetch from Intuit servers. 

The interruption or failure of any internal service requests results in Intuit Error 404. However, QuickBooks runtime errors get termed as “QB Update Error 404”. It is important to understand that the error should be taken care of as soon as it occurs otherwise it can harm QB company files, remove or corrupt the important data related to Quickbooks. This can affect your business in a very damaging way. Don’t worry we are here to help you with QuickBooks Error 404 and all things which individuals need to know about. Read carefully to exactly know everything about your problems and errors and its solution.

What is QuickBooks Error 404

This error code typically acknowledges as the syncing error. It directly appears on the screen while you are using QuickBooks or doing some task related to your business. There are many ways in which the error code appears on the screen.

  • Service Messages Error #404
  • Error 404 Pages Not Found
  • Intuit Error 404
  • QuickBooks Update Error 404
  • QB Run time Errors 404

As the error can appear in many different names it also has other basic details have a look at:

  • Error number– error 404 
  • Error Description– Error 404: Quickbooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Developer– Intuit inc.
  • Applies to– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

What Does you Face, When the Error Code Occur

  • When running any program the device crashes with the Error Code 404.
  • Error Code 404 pops on the screen and affects your active accounting programs.
  • The error code gets displayed on the screen of your system.
  • The system starts working at a much slower pace. The other inputs such as the keyboard or the mouse respond late.
  • QuickBooks installation not done properly.
  • Your computer hangs from time to time.

Why the Page Not Found in QuickBooks

Many possible reasons are there due to which error occurs. It causes performance issues during program installations, during Windows startup or shutdown, or while you are installing the Windows operating system. As you can see there are various instances and reasons due to which the error occurs. Let’s have a look at some of the prime causes:

  • Server and page syncing problem.
  • Software gets corrupted at the time of the installation or download.
  • Systems Windows registry got corrupted while performing QuickBooks.
  • Incomplete download of the QuickBooks software.
  • Viruses may lead to erasing the files of windows or the QuickBooks software. This will lead to an infected system and error 404.
  • Accidentally deletion the QuickBooks-related files or changes in program updates.
  • Incomplete or failed update result.

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Solutions For QuickBooks Error Code 404

Solution 1: Check your Internt Speed

  • Firstly go to Internet Explorer and open a frequently visited website.
  • Refresh the internet and check again if it fails to visit the site.
  • In case “Page Can’t Be Displayed” or “Connect To Internet” still shows up, then turn off and then turn on your wireless router and retry opening the URL.
  • If the problem still occurs then contact your internet service provider before you go to the next step.
  • Restart the system and retry.
  • Set your default browser ‘Internet Explorer‘.
  • Then verify the problem being fixed by re-doing the steps where QuickBooks Error Code 404 occurred.

Solution 2: Add QuickBooks as Trusted Site

  • Go to Internet Explorer, select Tools, and then Internet Options.
  • Add “” and “” by clicking on Security>>Trusted Sites and click on the sites.
  • Then select Close>> OK.
  • Before closing QuickBooks, log out from the company file.
  • Open QuickBooks again followed by opening the company file and do the work where the error code came up.

Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Installed Programs

Update the QuickBooks so that it can repair itself. For this, you have to open QuickBooks and then the files where the error occurred. If the problem continues to follow the below steps –

  • Run windows as administrator by pressing Windows + R together.
  • Type “Appwiz.cpl” in the box at the bottom of your screen on the left corner. 
  • Then, select Your QuickBooks from the Installed Programs list and select Repair. Wait for the repair process to complete.
  • Now verify whether the error code appears or not.

Solution 4: Reconfigure System Settings

  • First, close QuickBooks, but before that don’t forget to sign out.
  • Update windows and then restart your computer.
  • Click open Internet Explorer>>Tools>>Internet Options>>Advanced Tab.
  • Check TLS 1.0 & TLS 1.2 and select OK.
  • Close the programs, save in-process information.
  • Then press Windows+R keys, type “MSConfig” and then select OK.
  • After completing all the steps restart the computer, open QuickBooks, and then open the company files.

QuickBooks Software is composed of various features that incorporate the greatest data limit, smooth stock management, different entities’ support alongside union and navigational highlights, and a basic interface for the clients. These errors waste your time and disturb you in performing your task. It is important to always be aware of the status of your updates and installations and a potential malware attack. 

It is important to note that your Quickbooks accounting software is properly updated and your windows are also updated to ignore most of the errors.

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