QuickBooks Error 1904 Module Failed to Register .dll (Fixed)

Most of the QuickBooks users face the QuickBooks error 1904 while installing a company file in QuickBooks. So here we have the article for the users, those who are facing the issue and trying to get rid of this problem.

QuickBooks error code 1904 is a company file issue, which makes us stop doing work on the company file. This error can be resolved in many different ways, so you do not need to panic about that. You will not lose any data from the company file. It is similar to the register QuickBooks library files failed issue, so we can use the same solution method to fix it.

When you have this error then you may see the given error message on your screen which is given below:-

Error1904: [file path/name/extension]failed to registor,

QuickBooks error 1904 message code
QuickBooks error 1904 message

But sometimes this error can be a serious issue and we commend you to resolve this issue by the users as soon as possible. We can resolve this error by knowing the proper reason for the error code. So let’s first start with the reason for the error code;

Why QuickBooks Error 1904 Occurs

There are a few possible causes of error 1904 which is given below:-

  • The first cause when your company file gets damaged or corrupted in an unexpected manner. It is likely possible that the setting of the file is not correct.
  • Occasionally, this QuickBooks error 1904 could be caused due to having various multiple problems, and you might get messages mentioning specific files such as dII, qbupdate.exe, and many more. This issue is generally caused when the file or a folder is damaged by the MS Visual C++.
  • After improving the operating system from one version to another, you have not to restart your computer system after modifying.

How to Identify the Module Error 1904 in QuickBooks

There are some symptoms also that users might experience while they are utilizing QuickBooks Desktop which is affected by QuickBooks Error Code 1904 which is given below:- 

  • The upgrade on the computer system will not be available automatically
  • Hard drives and other read-write devices will face problems with permissions and various other catches
  • Necessary company files will receive missing from time to time
  • As time passes the computer will keep getting slower
  • You may see a pardon message about “Error 1904: [file path/name/extension] failed to register” on your desktop screen

How to Fix Error Code 1904 in QuickBooks

There are some methods to fix QuickBooks error code 1904 which are mentioned further are to be followed in an orderly manner. So, users should ensure that all the methods are used to fix the error thoroughly.

Method 1: Running QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from the Tool Hub

Run QuickBooks tool hub
  • After that double click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions and strongly install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • When it is finished then go to the home screen where the new software’s icon is available and double click on it to start the program.
  • Then in the tools hub see for the option of installation problems and select it
  • Now, select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from this link. This will begin the tool and the procedure will continue for about 20 minutes.
Run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
  • At last, the process is complete easily reboot the computer system and open QuickBooks Desktop.

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Method 2: Changing Windows Account Settings

Move to the Windows Administrator account to change some settings

  • Firstly, click on the Windows start button on the keyboard or the desktop screen
  • Then, accessing CMD into the search bar. When you look at the CMD run icon in the options list, right-click on it and click on run as admin.
  • After that, followed by typing the “net user administrator/active: thees” and click on enter tab. When the command is finished, Quit the command window.
  • Then, switch to the Windows start menu and click on sign out
  • In the last step, switch to an account that says admin, to log in there. You might not need any password to sign in.

Changing the User Permissions

  • First of all, to open the Windows start menu
  • Now, type in file explorer into the search bar and also open the file explorer
  • And then, see for the C:\Program Files\Common files
  • After that, followed by right-clicking the Common files folder and then select the properties tab
  • It navigates to the security tab and then adds a select edit option
  • Choose Users in the group or user names section
  • Then, turn on the following permissions in the permissions for customers section: Update, Read and Execute, List folder contents, Read, Write
  • At last, select apply and hit the OK button

Method 3: Manually Fixing Windows Components

This is the last method of fixing QuickBooks Error 1904 is to repair some particular windows components from the system itself. If you have windows users and IT professionals’ assistance for this process then you use this step. The two components which are needed to be manually fixed are:

  • Microsoft MSXML
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

To repair these two files or uninstall them and download the current version for them. When they are repaired, QuickBooks error code 1904 will be fixed completely.

We aspiration that this article is helpful to fix QuickBooks error 1904. Follow the procedure without skipping a single step. If you still face any problem with the same or any QuickBooks- related problem, then you can connect with EnterpriseThought for an instant, and effective QuickBooks support. We are always ready to help you. At last, we want to say thanks for visiting our site.

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