Fix QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Start (Start’s to Open and Closes)

There is a scenario when users face the problem, QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start or won’t open, and not able to run it again. Normally we face this issue if QuickBooks is unable to take the load of the running process. There also other reasons for this problem, which we will discuss one by one with the solutions in this resource. Let’s first, start with the root cause of the issue.

Why QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Open 

QuickBooks Desktop running issue can occur for several possible reasons, here we have listed some of them;

  • Big Company name:- Sometimes because of the big name of company file in QuickBooks, we face the issue to run the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Missing File:-  If you have any damaged or missing files related to the QuickBooks especially the QBWUSER.INI file then you can also find the same issue. 
  • Corrupt Hard Drive:-  Corruption of the hard drive is one of the big issues to the problem. 
  • Improper Installation:- QuickBooks users also face the problem if the installation of QuickBooks Desktop was not proper, and if the installation file damaged from your computer or system.    
  • Damaged OS:- There is another reason for this issue, and is the damaging of the operating system (OS).      

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Stopped Working Problem   

Our EnterpriseThought technical team member has some tested, and proved solutions to fix the QuickBooks Desktop running issue. Here are some of the solutions mentioned below:

Method 1: Run QuickBooks Tool Hub to run the Quick Fix My Program

The experts firstly recommend to run the Quick fix my program from the QuickBooks tool hub’, because it’s the easiest and effective way to troubleshoot the issue. But before that download the QuickBooks tool hub in Windows 10, 64-bit. Once you complete the download process, follow the below steps:   

Step 1: Activate the Tool Hub

  • Open the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe). 
  • Agree with the terms, and conditions to install the tool properly.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to do this, and double-click on the icon of the tool hub to open it.
  • If you are unable to find the tool on the desktop then you can search it for on the search bar.

Step 2: Run the Quick Fix my Program

  • Close all of the running programs from your background.
  • Open QuickBooks tool hub, go to the ‘Program Problems’ section.
  • From there, select the ‘Quick Fix my program’ option.
  • Try to start the QuickBooks Desktop, and open the data file.   

Method 3: Restart the QuickBooks Desktop

At first, we should restart the QuickBooks Desktop. Because most of the time the issues in QuickBooks go away after restarting the QuickBooks Desktop.

So close all QuickBooks running program, and restart the QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 4: Re-register the QuickBooks Related Components in Windows

Re-registration of QuickBooks related components in Windows also can fix the QuickBooks Desktop issue.

  • Ensure the registration of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select the QuickBooks app, and press the F2 key from the keyboard.
  • This will show you the product information window of QuickBooks. 
  •  Check the registration status of the QuickBooks from the window, beside the right of the license number.
    • If the status is registered then you do not need to go to the next steps.
    • And if the status is not showing registered then go for the next steps.
  • Click ‘Ok’, and close the product information window.
  • Go to the ‘Help’ tab to select the ‘Activate QuickBooks’ option. 
  • Now QuickBooks will instruct you to verify the information and to complete the activation process.
  • Just follow the instructions properly.  

Method 5: Repair the Installation of QuickBooks Desktop

Perform a repair in QuickBooks Desktop installation to restore the corrupt installation file of QuickBooks. 

  • First of all, go to your company file, and close all the running programs.
  • Restart the system, and click on the Windows start menu.
  • Search for the ‘Control Panel’, and open it.
  • All of the programs or software can be seen in the ‘Programs and Features’ section, so go to that, and click on the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.   
  • Now search for the ‘QuickBooks’ on the list of ‘Programs and Features’, and click on it.
  • And again the ‘Uninstall/Change’ option.
  • Continue, and go for the next.
  • Repair it, and go for the next. 
  • The repairing process will take some time to complete, wait for that.
  • Click on the ‘Finish’ option, whenever the process will be completed. 
  • After that reboot the system, and update the QuickBooks to the latest release version. 

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Method 6: Suppress QuickBooks Desktop App

Sometimes QuickBooks won’t open because of the damaged company file issue. So we can detect the problem is from which side, by following the given procedure.

  • From your keyboard, press, and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key, and double-click on the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ icon.
  • And remember that, don’t leave the ‘Ctrl’ key, till you see the ‘No company Open’ window. Otherwise, QuickBooks may freeze or may show you an error on the screen. 
  • After the opening of the ‘No Company Open’ window, choose the company file, and click on the ‘Open’ option.  

Method 7: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks has an install diagnostic tool, which diagnoses the installation issues in QuickBooks. We can run this QuickBooks install diagnostic tool whenever the QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start. You do not need to install it separately. Let’s know, how to access it?

  • First, open the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • And select the section of ‘Installation issues’.
  • In that section, you can find the ‘QuickBooks install diagnostic tool’.   
  • Run the tool, and wait for about 20 minutes to complete the running process. 
  • Restart the system, whenever it will be complete.
  • Now you can open the QuickBooks Desktop, and can run your data file.

Method 8: Run Clean Install Tool

This solution may fix the QuickBooks Desktop opening issue by using the QuickBooks clean install tool.

  • Open the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • And run the QuickBooks clean install tool.

This tool allows you to add a new install when you will reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop, and during this process, you need not worry about the company files. It will not remove all the company files.  

Method 9: Close the QBW32.exe Process

  • Open your system, and right-click on the taskbar to select the ‘Task Manager’ option.
  • Click on the processes tab, and then on the ‘Image name’ too short the processes alphabetically. 
  • Search for the ‘QBW32.exe’ file, and locate it. 
  • And at the last, click on the ‘End Process’ option. 

That’s all from our end. We hope, we have given the complete guide to solving the issue, and now no will face the problem ‘.

That’s all about this topic. We hope you will be able to fix the problem, and now you will not find the QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t work the problem again. Still, if you need any help then you can connect with our QuickBooks experts to troubleshoot your problem. 

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