QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service: What To Look For Before Choosing One

There are many providers for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting service. In this article, we will compare the best options, but before that, you should know what QuickBooks hosting is. If you are already aware, then it will a piece of cake. But if you are unaware, then there is no fuss as well.

So, What Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

It simply means accessing your company files, data, and QuickBooks application anytime anywhere. The only requirement is a good internet connection. Due to this, it is easy to access your QuickBooks even if you are on the road, home, or anywhere else. It helps in reducing the management burden, thus saving your time and cost. Also, you can work with your colleagues without any issues and get access to real-time and up-to-date QuickBooks data. The security is good and better than stored locally. The benefit of automatic updates without any interruption in work is also utilized because of that. QuickBooks clouds work the same as QuickBooks applications.

Points To Consider Before Deciding The Hosting Provider

  1. Expertise In Hosting QuickBooks: The hosting provider must be an expert in the field of hosting QuickBooks. To ensure check the industry recognition, product line, and online reviews.
  2. Server Performance: The server performance of the provider must be great, as our whole business depends upon that. A poor server can hamper your business performance which initially transforms into the worst situation.
  3. Security Standards: The service provider must stand up to your security standards. If they are not secure it simply means that your business is not secure. Your data can leak which will lead to harmful situations.
  4. Customer Support: A good customer support system is a sign of good services. If your customers are happy you are good to go. If the service demands more money or is not available for you in need, then it might not be the best option for you.
  5. Business Continuity: Does the provider promise to have a contingency plan in case something bad happens to the hosting services. To ensure check the backup policy, data replication methods, service uptime, etc.
  6. Intuit Authorization: The provider should be legally authorized by intuit to provide the Cloud Hosting services to QuickBooks.
  7. Price:  Always keep in mind a budget and work accordingly. After that, compare different prices, check them with the providers, and make the best decision based on that information.

Benefits Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

1. Superfast 

Cloud hosting saves you a lot of time. With the ease of access, you get all the updates and data anywhere anytime. It works with advanced backup technology, redundancies at every level. 

2. 24×7 Customer Support

Due to the 24*7 customer support facility, customers love Cloud Hosting as it is responsive, courteous, competent, and agile. The Cloud Hosting customer support team includes experts who assist the customers in the best possible way. The services include chat, email, or phone by experts.

3. Security

Your data is completely secured with cloud hosting. It is because you are protected by anti-virus software, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention and Detection systems, anti-phishing, and anti-malware systems.

4. Intuit Authorized

Cloud Hosting is authorized as an intuit commercial hosting provider. The company has been legally authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks desktop software for users and specializes in secure, superfast, and scalable cloud hosting solutions. 

5. Backups

Cloud Hosting takes automatic and regular backups of your QuickBooks data and applications and maintains them for 100 days. This information is stored at geographically isolated data centers that can be retrieved easily in case of any data loss.

6. Increased Productivity And Sales 

With Cloud Hosting, you don’t have to worry about setup, maintenance, or software upgrades. If you are an accounting firm, your business will grow because your customers will be happy. Also, you will get more referrals, and you will be spending less time on accounting work and more on business decision-making.

7. Increase Collaboration Efficiency

Collaborating with other employees becomes very easy with cloud hosting. It is because you don’t need to stay in the office or work at the same place to collaborate anymore. Also, as it increases the collaboration efficiency the company works in a better way and achieves success faster.

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Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

There are various service providers for QuickBooks hosting. So, let’s have a look at them and understand them better.

Cloud Network USA

cloudnetworkusa.com is an award-winning platform and provides cloud hosting for QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage, Sap, and much other accounting software. With 1200+ Professionals, they are leading in this field. You can get hosting with these products of QuickBooks:

Ace Cloud hosting

Ace cloud hosting has been awarded as a QuickBooks hosting provider. You can get custom-made hosting plans according to your business needs. It has been 14+ years of providing QB cloud hosting services to the ace cloud. As an authorized hosting provider, ACE can host the following QuickBooks products-

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • QB Accountant Desktop
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (the US only)

Pricing of Ace QuickBooks Cloud hosting

  • Basic– $34/user/month (2gb space)
  • Standard– $39/user/month (5gb space)
  • Business– $44/user/month (unlimited space)
  • Premium– $49/user/month (2gb space)

Premium offers more and better services in comparison to other plans. The business plan is the most trendy and recommended one. So if you avail of it now you can get a free trial. Along with that, special offers for 3 months on various plans.


Gotomyerp is a proud cloud hosting company and has successfully managed to host for QuickBooks, Sage, sap, and many others. This service provider is also authorized by intuit. It offers it services for-

  • QuickBooks Hosting
  • QuickBooks Pro Cloud
  • QB Pro Hosting
  • QuickBooks Premier Hosting
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Pricing of GoToMyERP

Pricing: $65/user/month 


Cloud jumper hosts all the versions of QuickBooks desktop it provides users real-time access, multi-device compatibility, automatic backups, and much more. It is intuit authorized.


  • Cloudjumper hosted workplace– $49.99/user/month
  • add QuickBooks pro– +$20.00/user/month 
  • add QuickBooks premier– +$25.00/user/month
  • And add QuickBooks premier accountant– +$25.00/user/month
  • add QuickBooks enterprise– +$75.00/user/month

For more details visit the official website CloudJumpers


iNSYNQ is a trusted hosting provider that providers 24*7 customer services with automatic daily updates you can email them or contact them via a phone call and get all the help you want. The company can host QuickBooks legally as Intuit authorized.


Pricing: $55/user/month


Searching for a provider for QuickBooks hosting swiss net is here for you. It time to shine our business now as this is intuit authorized there are no legal limitations or issues. For any kind of you can always contact them. 


Pricing: $54.99/user/month


Operate your business from the cloud now and see the magic. They provide a collection of great features and services at a very reasonable price.


  • Monthly: $32.00/user/month
  • Yearly: $27.00/user/month

Final Note

There are various Cloud Hosting service providers for QuickBooks. So any of those can be the best option for you depending upon your requirements. But before taking any decision, it is important to go through all the key points thoroughly.

We hope the article, the comparisons helped you find you find a better fit and solved your dilemma. But if you still have doubts or require more information, contact our experts and solve your queries. Our team of experts will be happy to help you. Also, take a better view by comparing the price range.

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