How to Manage QuickBooks Online in Multiple Companies

Often we get are put up with a question by our customers whether or not they can make or manage QuickBooks Online in multiple companies. The answer to that is yes, and also the method for doing so is sort of simple too. In this blog, we will introduce the various aspects of managing QuickBooks Online in Multiple Companies. That must be considered by small business owners everywhere on the planet who are currently utilizing this highly useful software.

Before you start to manage QuickBooks Online in multiple companies, it is important to have the knowledge that QuickBooks grant access to the company that has a subscription. Therefore, for the other company, you will have to sign up for a new account. This implicates that every new company added will have its own subscription. But, if you already have a subscription, you can use the same authorization during login and switching accounts.

Procedure to Manage QuickBooks Online for Multiple Companies

There is a possibility that you already got one company in your QuickBooks Online application but they’re all under their personal accounts. If you do, then transferring all the other companies to at least one main account might be a simple process.

The first thing to understand to manage QuickBooks Online in multiple companies is how you’ll add a replacement company in your QuickBooks Online. There are some following simple ways to do so in a simplified manner –

Step 1 

Open the QuickBooks website in your browser and continue with the “Plans & Pricing” page. Here, you’ll find multiple plans and their prices listed below, so undergo all before selecting your preference.

Step 2

Press on the plan that you have chosen and enter your login information to check in to your QuickBooks account. You have to verify that the following account is the one you wish to add the company file to. So press on “Yes, that’s correct.”

Step 3 

Insert all the specified details as asked on the resulting page during a safe order to proceed.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can open a company that you have created from the program itself. If you would like to go away for an additional company, just continue the gear icon then click on the Switch Company button under the Profile menu section.

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Switch Company for Multiple Companies in QBO
Switch Company for Multiple Companies in QBO

You can also watch the below-mentioned video to know the procedure of using QuickBooks for multiple companies.

How QuickBooks Online Used For Multiple Business Companies

After setting up a new company, it is important to understand how to manage them as they all fall under personal accounts. Learn more about several tools that are related to managing multiple companies through the following key steps–

  • Any list that had been created before you added a replacement company, is often transferred to the new company. This means that you simply don’t require to line up each list item one-by-one everywhere again. The one thing new thing to be kept in mind is that changes to the business company list must not be reflected in other companies. Therefore, you’ll need to make personal adjustments to each of the corporate lists.
  • You will need to invite users to a replacement company personally even though those users had access to the older company files.

In QuickBooks Online multiple business companies, going from one company file to a different is, overall, a simple solution.

Here’s how you do it –

  • While the business, the corporate is open, choose File from the toolbar.
  • Select ‘Open Recent Company’ from the given options.
  • Another window opens that shows an inventory of a business company that exists in your Quickbooks account. Press on the button named “Open”, next to the business company.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Pro and Premier allow multiple company files for one flat fee. Which makes these two versions of QuickBooks even more cost-effective accounting software for those running multiple business entities.

We hope that this blog has solved all of your queries regarding the efficient management of additional business companies. If you’d wish to know to manage QuickBooks Online in multiple companies costs and pricing, contact our experts QuickBooks Support ProAdvisors to urge the New prices consistent with subscription plans.

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