How To Cancel Quickbooks Online Subscription?

Are you looking for a process on how to cancel QuickBooks online subscription? You are at the right place. We will guide you with a step-by-step process on how you can cancel your QuickBooks Online.

We all know that technology is evolving day by day and we spend half of our time in our work. What we don’t come to terms with is that we focus not only on the work, but also on our skills.

Keep In Mind: Before You Begin The Process Of Canceling Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

Before you cancel your QuickBooks subscription, make sure you have the instructions below.

  • You need to sign in to your company QuickBooks.
  • If your QuickBooks subscription is created by an accountant, you should contact the accountant to cancel.
  • If you are a payroll member, make sure you meet all of your direct deposits and e-payments.
  • In case your account is suspended, you must first subscribe.
  • Make sure you print out all the online forms you know that will help you with QuickBooks.

Steps To Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription

If you decide to cancel your QuickBooks subscription, you can do so over the phone or online.

If your membership is done through a mobile application (iOS and Android), follow the steps below to cancel.

For The iPad, Go To Your Settings And Select The iTunes and App Store.

  • Select your Apple ID, and then select View Apple ID.
  • Input your password and click Manage.
  • Select QuickBooks Online and turn off automatic recovery.
  • To cancel your iPad subscription from your laptop, follow these steps.
  • Enter iTunes on your computer and click on Store.
  • Sign in and click View My Account.
  • Manage membership and select Online QuickBooks.
  • Then select Cancel.

Follow The Steps Given Below For Android Phone

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the menu icon and select My Apps.
  • Select QuickBooks Online and click Cancel.

To Cancel Your Android From The Computer;

  • Go to
  • Select the app, and then click My Apps.
  • Select QuickBooks Online and then Cancel.

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Cancel QuickBooks Online Service

If you do not feel like waiting on the phone, try canceling the online service. You must sign in to your account and take the following steps.

If You Are Canceling Your Free Trial:

  • Select Settings and then Company Settings.
  • Choose billing and membership.
  • Select Cancel your test.
  • Select Continue to cancel.
  • Follow the steps on the screen.
  • Submit and unsubscribe.
  • Choose to understand.

If You Have A Subscription:

  • Select Settings and then Company Settings.
  • Select the Billing and Subscriptions tab.
  • In the QuickBooks section, select Unsubscribe or Cancel Online.
  • Select Cancel Continue, and then select Cancel (if applicable).
  • Follow the next steps.
  • Submit and unsubscribe.
  • Choose to understand.

Upon completion, we will send an email to the account administrator confirming that you have canceled your subscription.

If your account is suspended, you will need to send it back before you can cancel. Or, we will cancel your membership after three failed attempts to charge your payment method.

Potential Issues When Canceling QuickBooks Online Subscription

It is very difficult to unsubscribe from a QuickBooks company. Although many customers have noticed and complained about it repeatedly – “the online cancellation form is not working properly”, “the company has not made any improvements yet”.

Customer support is unresponsive or, if you can log in, is not fully accessible. They make things more complicated than they need to be. For example, if you have a joint account with your spouse, they will ask for your consent. QuickBooks give you the best you can to get a membership even against your will and often commit misconduct because of their honesty.

Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription With The Help Of DoNotPay

If you do not intend to face all the difficulties, there is an easy way to solve this problem. With very little time and virtually any effort, DoNotPay can help you cancel any subscription – albeit as complicated as QuickBooks.

  • Access the DoNotPay app in your web browser or download the iOS version from the Apple Store.
  • Select “Find hidden money“.
  • Type “QuickBooks” as the service you want to cancel.

After your membership is terminated, you will receive an email confirmation.

How To Cancel QuickBooks Subscription

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks website and login to the product you have.
  • Click the gear icon in the toolbar.
  • Select your company, and then click Account and Settings.
  • Click Billing and Subscription.
  • If you have a paid membership, select Cancel in the QuickBooks section. If you are using the test, select the Cancel test.
  • Click Continue to cancel, and then select Continue to cancel.
  • Answer exit survey questions, and then select Cancel Certified.

Final Note 

Overall, we are hopeful and confident that the above answer will help you solve your question of how to cancel QuickBooks online subscription?. If you have any further questions, please share in the comment section below or you can contact Our QuickBooks Support Experts. We are providing QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number for you. If you want solutions to all your problems then call us and get your problems solved and save your precious time.  

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